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Aluminum information

  Aluminum ring Sizes for Common Chainmaille weaves
Two in Two Chain 18 gauge/4.25mm
Byzantine Chain 18 gauge/4.25mm
Shaggy Loops 18 gauge/4.5mm and 19 gauge 4mm
Shaggy Loops Earrings 19 gauge/4mm
Orbital Chain 16 gauge/6.5mm
Double Spiral Rope 18 gauge/5.25mm
Wedding Knot Chain 16 gauge/8mm and 18 gague/5mm
Vertebrae Chain 16 gauge/10mm, 16 gague/6.75mm and 16 gauge/5mm
Round Chainmaille 18 gauge/4.25mm
Turkish Round Chain 18 gauge/4.25mm
Japanese Chain 16 gauge 5.25mm and 19 gauge/3.75mm
Chained Crystals 16 gauge 5mm, 19 gauge/4mm and 19 gauge/3.75mm
Chained Crystals with Aluminum Rings 
I will be adding Aluminum kits soon and I will also be updating this list as I am able to work the weaves out in Aluminum.

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